Beaches in Landscape Formats—Minimalist Photography Series

When I was hitchhiking through Germany and the Netherlands last year, I also stopped by in The Hague. It is a stunningly beautiful city and I was so glad my good friend Nicky showed me around. The beach was something that stuck in my mind particularly well which might be due to the fact that I love beaches.

It was a stormy day there and I had my pants up to my knees. The sand was flying through the air at high speeds and it slightly hurt my exposed legs. I heard the sound of crashing waves on the left and strong wind everywhere. I recognized the sounds of people enjoying the beach day on the right and the occasional screams of seagulls from above. But my mind was going elsewhere, I enjoyed the visuals of those scenes.

It was a truly captivating walk. And in the middle of all that, I took photos for my series “Beaches in Landscape Formats”. It combines minimalist works and abstract photography. Minimalist photographs fascinate me almost to the degree abstract photography does. In my opinion it is in leaving away elements that the engagement for viewers thrives and a lasting impression manifests itself. Can you hear the waves crashing and can you feel the sand on your legs? What do you see beyond the frames?

As always, I will sell a limited amount of signed prints. Just send me a request with the name of the picture you’re interested in. Pricing depends on material and size choices, hence I’ll get back to you with that information. I’ll sell only 3 signed prints per picture.

A selection of regular and unsigned prints in various formats is available on Society6.

Without further ado, enjoy the photographs and let them draw you in for a bit: